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Young Artist Flutist Program


International Soloist & Orchestral Flutist Beatriz Macias


Are you looking for an international career? 

Get the opportunity to be mentored and inspired by international soloist & orchestral flutist Beatriz Macias during a two-semester course!

In a day and era where the demands for musicians around the world are changing, artists are finding themselves forced to transform their image and objectives. Accomplishing a career in the field of music, let alone in flute performance, is becoming more challenging, as talent alone is losing its appeal. Other skills are becoming more desirable, such as a good image, and are beginning to play an important role in the way we approach our instrument and this career. Music schools worldwide are inaugurating new programs, encouraging students to broaden and obtain more rounded educations, but even with this good intention, fewer and fewer graduates find themselves able to accomplish their goals of obtaining work in their pursued career.

In this series of master-classes given by international soloist and orchestral flutist Beatriz Macias, we want to give young flutist pursuing a degree in performance the opportunity to obtain a more international career. Students will learn the skills needed to set them apart in orchestral auditions, competitions and other related trials. The two-semester course is made up of 10 classes (August 25, 2019 – May 16, 2020) and includes lectures, guest artist workshops, concerts and other related seminars.

Students will expand their knowledge of the instrument and repertoire, and will learn other necessary skills such as how to write powerful and persuasive Cover Letters and CVs. During workshops with guests artists (professional flutists in Finnish Orchestras and abroad), students will develop daily programs that work for them and enjoy the chance to participate in screened mock orchestral auditions with a jury to provide feedback.

The master-classes provide enriching learning opportunities for performers and will be held once a month on a Saturday from 10am-2pm beginning August 24, 2019 and ending on May 16, 2020. While the program welcomes all students, it is intended for those pursuing higher level studies, applying for a performance degree at any conservatory and/or preparing for auditions/competitions.

The tuition fee for each semester is 150eur and includes a small lunch. 2 students will have the opportunity to receive full tuition (email for details). Those traveling outside of Tampere who wishes to attend and will be in need of housing will be provided a room to stay at no additional cost.

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August 24, 2019 - May 16, 2020

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About Beatriz...

Celebrated for the beauty of her playing, flutist Beatriz Macias has established a successful international career as both a soloist and an orchestral player. Her performances have received international praise, following well-received appearances in America, Europe, the U.K., Mexico and Asia. “Her playing is of extreme beauty, emotion and color. Beatriz is a pure and holistic musician who is bringing new excitement into the world of classical music!" says Dutch Conductor Antony Hermus.


Beatriz received her first musical training at the age of four, learning piano with the Yamaha Program for Children in Mexico, but it was not until the age of eleven that Beatriz made her first decisive step towards a career in music. After hearing a television broadcast from the Metropolitan Opera in New York Beatriz was so impressed by the dynamic voice of the soprano that she immediately decided she wanted to be a singer. However, she soon changed direction when she was introduced to the flute, which initially engaged her curiosity because she found it so difficult to make the instrument sound.


Beatriz made her solo debut at the age of 18 at the prestigious D.A.R. Constitution Hall in Washington, D.C., performing Reinecke’s Flute Concerto to an audience of over 3,000. Beatriz soon found herself becoming one of the youngest candidates at international competitions and in 2008 Beatriz was named a YAMAHA Young Performing Artist, an honor awarded by the YAMAHA Corporation of America.


Beatriz holds her Bachelor’s Degree from the Boston Conservatory of Music in Boston, Massachusetts where she studied with Geralyn Cotincone (Former Principal Piccolo of the Boston Symphony Orchestra) graduating a year early on grounds of Artistic Merit and her Master’s Degree from the Royal Conservatory of Brussels with Professor Carlos Bruneel (Principal Flutist of the Royal Opera House ‘La Monnaie’ in Brussels, Belgium) graduating with the Highest Distinction.


Her career as a professional orchestral musician has taken her around the world. In 2014 Beatriz won the position of Principal Flutist of the Luxembourg Chamber Orchestra, a position she held for two years. Beatriz has appeared in numerous orchestras including the Frankfurt Radio Orchestra in Germany, the Luxembourg Philharmonic in Luxembourg, the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra and the Noord Nederlnds Orkest in The Netherlands, the Royal Opera House ‘La Monnaie’ , the Royal Flemish Philharmonic and the Flemish Opera House in Belgium, the Tampere Philharmonic Orchestra and the Finnish National Opera in Finland, the Birmingham Royal Ballet in the U.K., the Qatar Philharmonic in Doha, the Opera national de Lorraine in France, the Houston Symphony Orchestra in the U.S.A., the Coro Normalista de Puebla Orquesta Sinfónica in Mexico and many more. She has worked under the direction of Eliahu Inbal, Kazushi Ono, Michel Tabachnik and Leif Segerstam  as well as the new generation of leading conductors such as Santtu-Matias Rouvali, Andres Orozco Estrabda, Gustavo Gimeno, Han-na Chang, Joshua Weilerstein, Alain Altinoglu, and many more. In addition, Ms. Macias was an Academist with the Royal Flemish Philharmonic of Belgium and has acted as Principal Flute in the prestigious Encuentro de Musica y Academia de Santander de Escuela Reina Sofia in Spain. Beatriz is also an active soloist. She has had the pleasure to tour in Greece and southern Europe in recitals sponsored by the Belgian Embassy in Greece and Mexican Embassy in Finland.


Distinctive, versatile and dynamic, Beatriz’s passion for singing continues to guide her music making. Upcoming performances include recitals in Finland with Finnish pianist Tuomas Nikkanen with “The best of Zarzuela!”.


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